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        Kentucky Koi is located in the beautiful Bar-B-Q capitol of the world - Owensboro, Kentucky. We are a full service koi retailer, specializing in high quality koi born and bred right here in America. Kentucky Koi works closely with our suppliers to bring our clients top quality Nishikigoi at the best possible prices while maintaining our finest level of customer service.

        What originally started as a hobby turned into something much more

for owner, Eric Thomas. In early 2008, Thomas was knee deep in research

to find the perfect quality koi he desired in his pond, but came up empty

handed. There was clearly a niche that needed filling in the koi hobby. With

no solutions in sight, Thomas decided to take matters into his own hands

and import quality koi for his collection. When his first shipment arrived

in July of 2008, it was like Christmas Eve all over again. Over 100 Japanese

tosai (one year olds) swimming in the quarantine tank was quite the site to

see! But what was he to do with all the extra koi he couldn’t fit in his pond?

That was the day Kentucky Koi was born; the day the solution was discovered.

        Ever since that day, Kentucky Koi has faced many challenges which time and time again, it has overcome. The most recent challenge being the selection of a quality domestic koi breeder who shares the same principles and expectations as themselves. The answer to that problem was to partner with Purdin Koi. Purdin is undoubtedly the best producer of quality koi in the United States, and continues to produce more champions than any other farm. It is our greatest pleasure to be a Purdin distributor. If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


        Our guarantee to our client is to provide a quality koi of excellent health no matter the circumstances. In the unfortunate event that we compromise this guarantee, we have guidelines in place to ensure that our wrong is righted with our client. We then take measures to ensure the problem is fixed in a timely manner as to not affect any other client.

        If a koi is lost due to our lack of attention or any other fault of our own, we will gladly refund the entire purchase cost, less shipping expenses from our store to you. This guarantee covers only koi lost upon delivery or within 24 hours after delivery. Death on Arrival claims must be made within 2 hours of arrival. Anything past 24 hours will be replaced at our discretion. If you would like to submit a guarantee claim, please contact us by phone or email, both of which are accessible on our Contact Us page on our website. 

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